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China Airlines Prepares for increased services from summer schedule onwards

2022 Mar 28

As part of its continuous review of travel demand, China Airlines is planning to increase the number of passenger-carrying services in its summer schedule, starting with a 20% increase in services for April and May. Further adjustments will be made on a rolling basis in response to the latest quarantine policies.

The global airline industry launched its summer schedule on March 27 and China Airlines will begin increasing its service frequency from the end of March. Cross-strait services consist of the Beijing, Shanghai (Pudong), Xiamen and Chengdu routes. The Songshan-Shanghai (Pudong) route in particular will be increased to 6 services per week; the Taoyuan-Shanghai (Pudong) route will be increased to 5 services per week; the Kaohsiung-Shanghai (Pudong) route will be increased to 3 services per week, while the Hong Kong route will be increased to 5 passenger-carrying services per week.

On Southeast Asian routes from April onwards, Bangkok (Thailand) will be expanded to 3 services per week; Singapore will be increased to 2 services per week; Penang (Malaysia) will be increased to 1 service per week; Manila (Philippines) will be increased to 4 services per week; Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) will be increased to 3 services per week, Hanoi (Vietnam) will be increased to 3 services per week, and Phnom Penh (Cambodia) will be increased to 2 services per week. On Northeast Asian routes, Tokyo (Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya in Japan will all have their service frequency increased. Seoul (Incheon) will be expanded to 2 services per week from April onwards and 2 weekly services have been planned for Songshan-Tokyo (Haneda) starting in May.

On North American routes, from mid-May onwards there will be 5 weekly services to the Los Angeles (California) area, with one of those being a weekly service to Ontario. Vancouver (Canada) will be increased to 1 service per week in May and the New York route will be added in June. On European routes, passenger-carrying services will be provided on a regular basis to Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and London (U.K.) with services to Vienna (Austria) in the near future. The Oceanian portfolio encompasses Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with 1 weekly passenger-carrying service, and New Zealand, with 1 service per month for direct flights to Auckland.

China Airlines is working actively to provide travelers with a safe and healthy flying experience in the post-COVID era. It continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and border restrictions of each country to make rolling adjustments to its flight schedule. Travelers can visit the China Airlines website or use the CAL app to quickly and easily query available flights, confirm their bookings and plan their itinerary: