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China Airlines Unveils Taiwan's First A321neo "Pikachu Jet CI"

2022 Sep 29

Today (9/28), China Airlines formally unveiled its "Pikachu Jet CI", the first Pokémon liveried aircraft in Taiwan. This was the most colorful livery in the history of China Airlines, taking 21 days to apply. A one-day charity micro-trip was organized on September 30 by China Airlines for the Taoyuan-Taipei (Songshan) route. The aircraft will then make its first flight on the Taipei (Songshan) - Tokyo (Haneda) route carrying with its Pokémon fans young and old. Exclusive Pokémon-themed supplies will also be featured aboard the aircraft.

The China Airlines "Pikachu Jet CI" painting process utilized 36 different types of paint. The fuselage will be painted with progressive hues of pastel orange, pink and violet. These will complement both the China Airlines corporate colors and the plum blossom logo on the tailfin, giving the impression of a starry night sky with dawn approaching. Eleven Pokémon characters will be featured, including Pikachu flying through the sky with Shaymin, Swablu, Togekiss, Munna, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, Slowpoke, and Teddiursa. A hidden egg with Pikachu and Shaymin appears above the cockpit window, greeting the world as if they were pilots.

China Airlines Chairman Su-Chien Hsieh thanked the Pokémon Company for choosing China Airlines to become a partner in this very meaningful charity initiative. The A321neo aircraft chosen for the livery is the latest next-generation passenger aircraft to be introduced by China Airlines. Painting the livery was a transnational effort involving the best engineers at China Airlines Maintenance Division and Japanese painting experts who traveled all the way to Taiwan. In the spirit of the "Pokémon Air Adventures", China Airlines invited healthcare workers who were on the front-lines of epidemic prevention and members of the travel industry to witness the birth of "Pikachu Jet CI." China Airlines hopes that during the post-Covid recovery more travelers will reach their vacation destination via the liveried aircraft.

Exclusive Boarding Passes, Name Tags and Themed Pillows

Travelers flying aboard the "Pikachu Jet CI" will be joined by Pokémons upon check-in through exclusive board passes and name tags. The passenger cabins and meals will feature Pikachu Jet CI – themed pillows, traymats, paper cups, and mixed snacks. Flight attendants will wear aprons featuring Pikachu in flight. The entertainment system will include 10 hand-picked Pokémon animations so that travelers can immerse themselves in Pokémon fun at all times.

In addition to the aircraft amenities, peripheral merchandise is now being jointly developed by China Airlines and the Pokémon Company.Four items include China Airlines "Pikachu Jet CI" model aircraft, mixed snack gift box, tote bag and flight attendant apron will be progressively released before the first quarter of next year. Travelers on Asia, Palau and Guam flights will be able to order Pokémon merchandise exclusive to China Airlines online before departure.

A "Pikachu Jet CI" section has been added to the China Airlines website. The aviation-themed website will feature an introduction to the Pokémon Air Adventures program, pictures and videos of the liveried aircraft, event albums, in-flight supplies, peripheral merchandise, and flight information. Travelers will be able to use the website to get to know the "Pikachu Jet CI", look up related information and make a booking with ease.

Pikachu Jet CI website: https://pikachujet.china-airlines.com/tw/