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#TravelForNewChapter - All New 2022 China Airlines Commercial Released Online

2022 Dec 16

China Airlines, the flag carrier of Taiwan, today (12/16) launched its all new 2022 #TravelForNewChapter commercial to celebrate the airline’s 63rd anniversary. The commercial went live at noon on the China Airlines YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Instagram pages. Now that border restrictions have been lifted across the world, China Airlines is inviting travelers to join #TravelForNewChapter, encouraging them to “read” the world to their heart’s content. Every moment on a journey comes together and forms a unique story book of travels, and it is high time for a new chapter to begin.

The #TravelForNewChapter commercial inspires post-pandemic travelers with a quote from the Western philosopher, St. Augustine. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Every ounce of a traveler’s being is just shouting to board a plane, get out there, and see the world. Maybe travelers wish to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square, or perhaps their mouth is watering at the thought of eating delicious food in Japan, or they long to set their gaze upon the Golden Ridge of Da Nang once more. We all want travelers to embark once more on wonderful journeys and, when they do, China Airlines will be at their side every step of the way.

China Airlines strives to create greater value for travelers and is always coming up with ways to remind them to pay attention to the little things in life. If every experience is embraced, then each journey will change their life in some way. Everyone has their individual travel journal where they write their own travel stories and record their own travel memories. China Airlines is the bridge between travelers and the world, holding everyone’s travel stories, like giant bookcases filled with all kinds of special memories and precious moments.

China Airlines YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/XK9EFOKouTs