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China Airlines Partners with Le Palais to Bring Taiwan’s Three Michelin Stars to the Skies for the First Time

2023 Apr 19

China Airlines announced that it is partnering with Le Palais, the only three star Michelin restaurant in Taiwan, to launch the all new “Skyward 3-Stars Private Cuisine” in-flight menu. The new menu will be introduced on all long-haul flights to Europe and North America departing from Taiwan starting from April 21. The menu, designed by Le Palais and exclusive to China Airlines, will offer all travelers in Premium Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class the opportunity to enjoy a Michelin-starred tasting in the clouds. This will be the first time in the airline culinary industry that a three star Michelin restaurant from Taiwan will make its way 10,000 feet in the sky.

China Airlines President Kao Shing-Hwang said that maximizing customer satisfaction has always been the goal of the airline. To partner with the Le Palais restaurant of Palais de Chine Hotel and become the first airline to serve three starred Michelin meals for all cabin classes was a tremendous honor. On the China Airlines Europe or North America routes, passengers can enjoy the three starred cuisine of Le Palais even when flying Economy Class. President Kao is looking forward to surprising travelers with this new catering experience. As the ESG benchmark for the global airline industry, China Airlines not only looked for a leading Michelin-starred restaurant but also a partner that actively sources local ingredients and embraces corporate social responsibility. The Le Palais restaurant is AMOT certified on food traceability and a long term advocate for ESG development, taking environmental friendliness just as seriously as China Airlines. The two partners aim to communicate their commitment to sustainability to every traveler through the in-flight cuisine.

The Le Palais restaurant of the Palais de Chine Hotel is a favorite haunt of political and business elites in Taiwan. It is the only restaurant in Taiwan to have received three Michelin stars for five consecutive years. The restaurant’s exquisite Yum Cha offerings and Cantonese banquets have won over Taiwanese and overseas gastronomes. China Airlines’ partnership with Le Palais is aimed at maximizing the post-COVID recovery in passenger traffic with Michelin-starred cuisine. The menu is inspired by the signature dishes of Ken Chen, Taiwan’s first Michelin-starred chef. It incorporates elements of the secret menu, popular with regulars of Le Palais, that perfectly brings Ken’s childhood memories of great flavors to life.

Even Economy Class Can Journey Through Three Michelin-Starred Cuisine in the Clouds

The China Airlines “Skyward 3-Stars Private Cuisine” menu will be served beginning April 21. Premium Business Class will begin with four Le Palais entrees in the form of Radish in Vinegar, Sichuan Spicy Chicken, Lotus Root in Brine, and Sugar Taro, to tantalize the taste buds with layers of distinctive flavors. The first main will be “Rice Noodles with Shredded Duck and Taro”, a classic chef’s special at Le Palais that features local Taiwanese Dajia taro and duck bone broth carefully simmered for several hours to bring out its delicate flavors, and served with springy Taiwanese vermicelli. The result is a dish that you will start missing even before disembarkation. Travelers can then follow this up with the always popular Le Palais Baked Barbecue Pork Bun and enjoy the Cantonese dessert of Dried Bean Curd and Coix seed Sweet Soup. “Lo Mein with Wonton and Shrimp Roe”, another main from the Le Palais secret menu, will be introduced as the season changes, delighting the taste buds of China Airlines passengers.

Premium Economy and Economy Class will join Premium Business Class in enjoying “Cantonese-style” three starred cuisine. The main for Premium Economy Class is Steamed Chicken and Rice in Lotus Leaf, while Economy Class travelers can enjoy Clay Pot Chicken Rice with Scallion and Ginger. Whether traveling to Los Angeles for a business trip or jetting off to Rome for a sightseeing holiday, all travelers on flights to Europe and North America, regardless of cabin class, can feast on Michelin-starred cuisine during their journey. Premium Business and Premium Economy Class travelers can also pre-book exclusive meal selections through the China Airlines website before departure.

China Airlines is committed to satisfying the needs of every traveler by combining exceptional service with exquisite in-flight culinary culture. Crossover partnerships for in-flight catering were first pioneered by China Airlines in 1992 to not only provide travelers with great food but also to market Taiwanese food and beverages around the world. In 2012, China Airlines broke new ground once more with the introduction of Michelin-starred cuisine in the clouds that proved popular with travelers. China Airlines continues to collaborate with leading domestic and foreign brands to provide even more sustainable and innovative catering services aimed at satisfying the increasingly diverse palates of travelers.

China Airlines is working actively to expand its comprehensive network. Since the resumption of services on the Taipei-Rome route in March, services to all European destinations have now recovered to pre-COVID levels. A new route to Prague will also be launched in July, bringing the total number of European and North American destinations served by direct flights to 11 with up to 60 flights a week. The services will provide every China Airlines traveler with an opportunity to sample the three Michelin-starred Skyward menu.