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China Airlines Makes First Passenger-carrying Flight with Sustainable Aviation Fuels

2023 May 09

The second round of the SkyTeam “The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC)” is on! China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, announced that CI753/754, the round-trip flight between Taipei and Singapore on May 22, will become its latest sustainability demonstration flight, refueling with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) in Singapore for the return flight. China Airlines will become the first Taiwanese airline to operate a passenger-carrying flight with SAF, setting a milestone for the sustainability of the Taiwanese transportation industry.

China Airlines is a world leader in ESG performance and is now working actively to realize the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.The carrier has been named a constituent stock for Emerging Markets in the “Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)" for seven consecutive years so far and is ranked No.1 in the global airline industry. In 2017, China Airlines became the first airline in Taiwan to use SAF for the ferry flights of its new A350-900 aircraft. The next-generation of energy-efficient A321neo passenger aircraft introduced in 2021 followed suit as well. To date 15 new aircraft have made their ferry flights on SAF making China Airlines the first local airline to possess related operational and real-world experience. For the second sustainability demonstration flight this year, China Airlines plans to use 10% SAF for the first time on a passenger-carrying flight. The unprecedented move will demonstrate China Airlines’ commitment to sustainable development, leading the way to a future of Net Zero skies.

Low-carbon Plant-based In-flight Cuisine for a Taste of Taiwanese Local Sustainability

“The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC)” was held for the first time last year. SkyTeam member airlines were invited to take part in a friendly competition based on ecological operations and sustainability. China Airlines won “Best Sustainable Innovation Cargo” and “Best Employee Engagement” by pioneering up to one hundred eco-friendly and carbon-reducing initiatives.

China Airlines is taking part in TSFC again this year by developing a flight that is friendly to planet Earth on every level. The in-flight catering menu on flights departing from Taipei feature exclusive plant-based cuisine from “Yang Ming Spring”, winner of the Michelin Green Star for two consecutive years. Travelers are encouraged to reserve their own “Clean & Green Plant-based Cuisine” prepared with local seasonal ingredients before departure. The main for Premium Business class is Three Cups King Oyster Mushroom & Fragrant Longan Rice, while Premium Economy and Economy Class are served Braised Plant-based Meat & Tumeric Rice. China Airlines hopes to work with travelers to set a record for low-carbon plant-based cuisine on all cabin classes. Using food to mitigate climate change and keep the Earth cool will not only protect the environment but also safeguard people’s health.

Flying Sustainably is Easy - Be an Eco-Traveler Today

One small step taken by every person is a leap forward for the airline industry. China Airlines invites travelers to support the environment by bringing their own eco-friendly cutlery, cups, and bags to reduce plastic waste. They can also take advantage of online check-in, electronic boarding passes, and download their own favorite publications through “Dynasty Sky Reading” before their trip to not only enjoy the convenience of e-reading and e-services but also cut their paper consumption.

All duty-free goods aboard the sustainability demonstration flight will be sold through pre-orders only. Travelers can place their orders at “Sky Boutique” from 14 days to 48 hours before departure, secure in the knowledge that they will not miss out on their favorite merchandise. The reduction in weight carried onboard helps to reduce carbon emissions as well. China Airlines hopes to partner with travelers on the sustainability demonstration flight to showcase the possibilities of sustainable aviation. (2023/05/09)