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China Airlines and WooTEA Infuse In-Flight Desserts with Playfulness

2023 Jun 28

China Airlines has joined forces with WooTEA, the popular Taiwanese hand-shaken beverage brand, to develop an exclusive range of tea-themed desserts and beverages. Both the form and packaging of these desserts will feature wholesome animal illustrations by DinoTaeng, the popular Korean illustrator. The super-cute quokka pilot and flight attendant will delight both the eyes and taste buds of travelers. Come July, travelers in all cabin classes will have a chance to enjoy this new in-flight catering sensation.

Creating In-flight Taste Sensations with Macarons, Madeleines and Other Classic Desserts

Seeing people with a beverage in hand is now very much a part of the national landscape and, according to the Ministry of Finance, there are now more than 22,000 beverage shops in Taiwan. In keeping with the philosophy of warm hospitality, China Airlines chose “Tea” as its theme and used WooTEA’s best-selling teas as the basis for developing a range of tea-flavored desserts. The first wave will arrive on July 1. The well-known French dessert “Cocoa Citrus Macarons” will be served in Premium Economy Class on long-haul routes departing from Taoyuan. Hidden within crunchy crust is the richness of chocolate and a slightly sticky filling with a hint of citrus. Enjoy it with a cup of hot coffee and it feels as if you are relaxing outside a European cafe. Economy Class on long-haul routes will be served "Dacquoise”, another classic dessert. The fluffy cake of egg-whites is covered with a layer of crispy sugar. Inside is an Early Grey filing with orange-flavored cream to create a layered texture. It all comes in the shape of a quokka, which is not only delicious but quite photogenic, perfect for a quick selfie in the air.

Economy Class travelers on popular Japanese and Korean routes will enjoy the traditional French dessert “Lemon Honey Madeleine.” The distinctive shell-shape and robust cake texture together with the zesty of honey and lemon create an exotic feel aboard the flight. The classic dessert "Earl Grey Sablés” with its rich tea fragrance as well as the “Mango Sago Ice Cream”, based on WooTEA’s summer-only beverage with tiny Sago balls, will kick up a sweet storm in Economy Class for a refreshing start to the summer vacation. From August onwards, travelers departing from Taipei-Songshan and Kaohsiung will enjoy the unique “Bubble Milk Tea Marshmallow Biscuits” for an explosion of milk and tea sprinkled through with bubble pearls. The treat will make you feel as if you are actually drinking bubble tea.

“Tea” Soda Packaging Created by Popular Korean Illustrator DinoTaeng a First for In-flight Services

In addition to unique tea-themed desserts on each route, China Airlines is bringing WooTEA’s best-selling beverages to the skies. All cabin classes on all flights departing from Taoyuan will be able to enjoy the in-flight exclusive “Peach Black Tea Sparkling”, an elegant tea fragrance with a hint of fruitiness. The refreshing flavor is just like drinking champagne. From August onwards, “Osmanthus Oolong Tea” in Tetra Pak will be supplied in Economy Class on Okinawa, Hong Kong and Shanghai routes. The rich notes of tea with a hint of floral cues linger on the palate.

China Airlines is dedicated to providing the best flying experience. Its ongoing efforts to improve this experience through partnerships with famous food and beverage brands have proven popular with travelers. In bringing the tea culture of Taiwan onboard through WooTEA, China Airlines not only reduces the sugar content to promote health but also maintains the distinctive flavor and texture of the ingredients. The dessert packaging was designed personally by DinoTaeng, creator of a popular Korean cultural and creativity brand. The illustrators feature the Quokka, the happiest animal in the world, and BoBo, a gummy bear. The cute characters have been transformed into a pilot and flight attendant to warm the hearts of travelers as the travel market recovers.

China Airlines is working actively to build up its network. New destinations introduced so far included Cebu, Chiang Mai, and Danang. July will see the launch of the new Taipei-Prague route, while long-haul passenger routes to Europe, America and Australia have returned to pre-pandemic levels already. Market demand is expected to pick up even more in the second half of the year and bring the overall number of flights to 80% of pre-pandemic levels. China Airlines continues to strengthen its travel services and upgrade its catering options to enhance sustainability, innovation and diversity to boost its share of the global travel market.