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China Airlines Sustainability Demonstration Flight Improves Carbon Reduction Performance by 1500% and Wins Two Accolades

2023 Aug 07

China Airlines, the Taiwan-based carrier, took part in the second The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) held by SkyTeam. Flight CI753/CI754 between Taipei and Singapore was designated as the sustainability demonstration flight successfully reducing its carbon emissions by 150 tons. This was a 1500% improvement on last year’s performance and the equivalent of planting a forest the size of 375 basketball courts. This outstanding performance was recognized by SkyTeam with the award for “Best Inflight Supply Chain” and “Best Adopted Solution.”

The SkyTeam TSFC is a friendly competition focusing on the use and exchange of knowledge. China Airlines competed against 72 flights from 22 airlines around the world and was nominated for five awards. The winners were announced on August 3 with China Airlines winning the award for “Best Inflight Supply Chain” and “Best Adopted Solution.” Such an outstanding performance put China Airlines in the running for the grand award as well.

For inflight supplies, China Airlines worked closely with supply chain partners by trialing plastic reduction and taking carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle into account. The recycling of daily PET bottles and coffee dregs into eco-friendly woven goods and utensils spotlights China Airlines’ sustainability practices from the ground to the sky, resulting in the award for “Best Inflight supply Chain.”

China Airlines also developed innovative new ideas such as “Dynasty Sky Reading” for travelers. Making more than a hundred publications available for free downloads reduced both payload and carbon emissions. This promising sustainability solution won praise from SkyTeam and will now be rolled out to other carriers, resulting in the award for “Best Adopted Solution.”

The latest China Airlines sustainability demonstration flight included three unique features, including being the first Taiwan-based carrier to conduct a passenger-carrying flight with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). Additionally, a low-carbon plant-based meals developed by Michelin Green Star restaurant “Yang Ming Spring” was offered in all cabin classes. The meal was pre-booked by more than half of all passengers with more than 10 times the usual number of bookings on standard flights. When some passengers learned of the purpose behind the sustainability demonstration flight, they opted on the spot to support the initiative, resulting in a shortage of plant-based meals aboard the flight. China Airlines also worked through the "ECO Travel” program to make the flights “net zero” by making all passengers and cargo carbon neutral. Sustainability performance was maximized by China Airlines through one hundred eco-friendly and carbon reducing initiatives. Up to 150 tons of carbon reductions were successfully implemented, an improvement of 1500% over the previous year.

China Airlines has won widespread international recognition for its promotion of sustainability. These included being the only transportation company in Taiwan to be included in the DJSI for seven years running and placing first in the airline industry. The carrier has also won three Sustainability Yearbook bronze awards since 2017 and was promoted to silver award for two consecutive years. This year, the airline reached new heights by coming in the top 1% of the Sustainability Yearbook 2023. To create a better future for our planet through collective action on sustainability, China Airlines is continuing to combine substantive action with its corporate strategy and sustainability philosophy.