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China Airlines Lowering Prepaid Excess Baggage Fees by Over 30% in Upgrade of Baggage Services

2023 Sep 01

In response to strong global travel demand, today (9/1) China Airlines announced that excess baggage fees on international routes will be reduced by up to 22% for China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines. Travelers will also receive an additional 15% discount on prepaid excess baggage fees. The over 30% savings on checked baggage from the combined discounts means travelers will be able to have fun and shop to their heart’s content overseas.

China Airlines switched to the piece-based on all routes in 2022 and increased the free checked baggage allowance to two pieces of baggage. Excess baggage fees in each region have now been reduced in yet another upgrade to services this year. Due to the expected popularity of the European travel market and traveler’s buying power, European destinations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Rome, and the newly added Prague have received the biggest reductions. China Airlines is also loosening the deadline for prepaid excess baggage. Allowances can now be purchased up to four hours before departure to give travelers more flexibility. Dynasty members can also redeem their personal mileage for excess baggage allowances and the mileage cost has been reduced as well.

At the same time, China Airlines is upgrading its traveler services by making child safety seats a part of the free baggage allowance for children and infants. Travelers can now choose to travel with a safety seat or folding pram as checked baggage. Windsurf boards, surfboards and kayaks are now included as sports equipment, with no restrictions on overall dimensions and only limitations on weight. Pricing for oversized baggage has been reduced by 50% as well. To cater for the needs of music lovers, China Airlines offers the best total dimensions for individual musical instruments in Taiwan. Pet transportation fees have also been adjusted. For more information, please refer to the China Airlines website.

China Airlines is continuing to refine its in-flight services by collaborating with well-known local and foreign food and beverage brands to introduce delicious new catering options. Premium Business, Business and Premium Economy Class travelers on flights departing from Taiwan can also pre-order star-rated meals online. In-flight entertainment upgrades include the launch of the “Dynasty Sky Reading” e-library with free downloads of more than 100 publications. The 737-800 fleet features the advanced “Fantasy Sky” wireless in-flight entertainment system to create a personalized audio and visual extravaganza for the senses in the sky, and a flying experience of exceptional comfort.