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New China Airlines Commercial #TheMomentsTheMemories Resonates with Viewers

2023 Oct 02

Taiwan based China Airlines launched the new 2023 commercial #TheMomentsTheMemories across the carrier’s YouTube channel, and Facebook and Instagram pages. Inspired by the highs and lows of travel, China Airlines’s new commercial showcases travelers’ most unforgettable “moments” in a humorous way. The scenes hit a personal note and resonate with viewers as China Airlines invites travelers to join them in exploring the beauty of the world.

#TheMomentsTheMemories is a tribute to the traveler’s experience by capturing those emotions and moments that make-up a memorable journey. Perhaps it was that trip to Japan where you ate, drank, played and shopped until you dropped; wanting to take a selfie while skydiving in New Zealand but your face just wouldn’t cooperate; hitting the beaches on that fun-in-the-sun island vacation but instead you end up turning heads with those rather unusual tan lines; visiting New York and discovering that your travel companion is a little eccentric; or the embarrassing moment of holiday romance. These funny, true-to-life scenes bring back similar memories, making the viewer smile and yearn to take to the skies once more with China Airlines to create unforgettable moments together.

China Airlines launched a campaign asking fans to send in their most “memorable travel stories”. The story about traveling on the Tokyo subway with a fruit mille-feuille cake during the evening rush hour and coming home with a fruit pancake really resonated.

Recent brand commercials from China Airlines have proven popular with the public. #TravelWithParents in 2017, #TheTripYouPromised and #WhatTravelBringsYou in 2019 pondered the meaning of travel in a sensitive, humorous, and quirky manner. The commercials attracted widespread attention and went on to win consecutive domestic and international creative advertising awards. Almost a year has now passed since the travel restrictions were lifted. China Airlines is once again embracing the brand’s core message of “travel”and following up on its 2022 #TravelForNewChapterNow with the all-new #TheMomentsTheMemories brand commercial encouraging travelers to start following their hearts once more.

China Airlines YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/aKSghNDZGqQ