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China Airlines Winter Timetable Includes Two Daily Flights to Okinawa and Busan Flights from Kaohsiung to Singapore and Okinawa Resume

2023 Oct 26

China Airlines, the Taiwan based carrier, is introducing a new winter timetable on October 29 that will offer more frequent services on all routes and will give travelers more flight options.

At Least Six Daily Flights to Tokyo

Northeast Asia will see more flights scheduled with China Airlines operating up to 180 flights a week, giving fans of Japan and Korea more options for their adventures. Flights from Taoyuan to Tokyo (Narita) will increase to 24 weekly flights starting October 29. These, along with the 14 daily flights from Songhsan to Haneda as well as daily flights between Kaohsiung-Narita, mean that China Airlines will operate up to 45 weekly flights and at least six daily flights to and from Tokyo, giving travelers more flexibility with their itinerary.

The Taoyuan-Kumamoto launched in mid-September will also increase to four weekly flights starting December 3, while flights from Taoyuan to Fukuoka will be increased to 16 flights a week from January 2, 2024. China Airlines will therefore be operating up to 20 flights a week to the Kyushu region and offer the most frequent services to the area. The Taoyuan-Takamatsu route in the Shikoku region will be increased to five flights a week from January 2, 2024 as well.

Services to Okinawa, the most popular destination for family travel, are also being expanded. The Kaohsiung-Okinawa route will resume operating three flights a week from January 2024, while the Taoyuan-Okinawa route will also be increased from seven to eleven flights a week. That means there will be two daily flights from Taiwan to Okinawa. Travelers on the Osaka route will have more options to choose from beginning February 2 2024. Flights CI166/CI167 will be added to the Kaohsiung-Osaka route increasing the number of weekly flights from seven to ten. Add to this the 21 weekly flights on the Taoyuan-Osaka route and there will be up to 31 flights from Taiwan to Osaka available each week.

At the same time, the Taoyuan-Busan route will be increased from seven to nine weekly flights from December 13 onwards, then to two daily flights from January next year. Add to the Taoyuan-Seoul (Incheon) route, the Songshan-Seoul (Gimpo) route, the Kaohsiung-Seoul (Incheon) route and the Kaohsiung-Seoul (Gimpo) route, there will be up to 40 flights from Taiwan to Korea.

Three Weekly Flights on the Kaohsiung-Singapore Route from 12/9

China Airlines is progressively expanding its Kaohsiung services to meet the travel demands of travelers in southern Taiwan. In addition to more frequent services to Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka, the new route to Seoul (Gimpo), and resumption of services to Okinawa, the Kaohsiung-Hong Kong route will also be increased from seven to fourteen flights a week from October 29. The Kaohsiung-Singapore route will resume operating on December 9 with flights every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a total of three flights each week. The flights will also depart at noon and return late to give travelers more flexibility with their itinerary.

In Southeast Asia, strong demand in the Indonesian market will see ten daily flights between Taoyuan and Jakarta from October 29. The Taoyuan-Chiang Mai route will also increase to five flights a week from December 11.

Songshan-Wuhan Route to Resume Operating Two Passenger-Carrying Flights a Week from January 3

For cross-strait routes, the CAL Group will resume flying on the Songshan-Wuhan route from January 3, 2024 with two flights a week. The Group currently operates 62 flights a week to eight destinations including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, and Wuhan. More destinations and services are being planned in response to market demand.

Enjoy Summer in the Southern Hemisphere - Up to Eleven Weekly Flights to Sydney

China Airlines flies to four destinations in Oceania including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Auckland. The Southern Hemisphere is entering its peak summer holiday season so flight CI055/CI056 will be added on the Taoyuan-Sydney route from December 12 through to January 28, 2024. The new flight will operate every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, providing up to eleven flights to Sydney every week.

China Airlines currently has five key destinations in North America. Increases to service frequency mean up to 40 flights to North America are now being operated across the network. Flight CI016/CI015 on the Taoyuan-San Francisco route will be introduced between November 1, 2023 and January 25, 2024 to meet seasonal travel demand, providing up to nine weekly non-stop flights to San Francisco.

China Airlines strives to provide more flexible and convenient flying experiences. Travelers can now access the latest flight information through the China Airlines website or mobile app.