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China Airlines Exclusive: World Champion Bread by Yao-hsun Chen Now Onboard

2024 Jan 03

China Airlines, the Taiwan based carrier, has partnered with Yao-hsun Chen of Yoshi Bakery to bring his world champion bread onboard. Effectively immediately, bread developed exclusively for China Airlines by Chen will be served in all cabin classes on all flights departing from Taiwan, demonstrating the carrier's tireless pursuit of innovation and breakthroughs in in-flight catering. Star-rated gourmet meals, Japanese banquet cuisine, original desserts to in-flight bread are turning every flight into a feast in the skies.

Business Class will serve the "Strawberry Bread" and "Sweet Potato Cheese Bread" on a rotating basis, while Premium Economy Class will enjoy the "Sweet Potato Cheese Bread". "Strawberry Bread" was Yao-hsun Chen's championship-winning work at the Mondial du Pain. Dried strawberries from Dahu, Miaoli, with a 70% water content are rehydrated in strawberry wine (the alcohol evaporates during baking) for a richer flavor. Rose petals, walnuts and other ingredients are also added to the bread to create a world-winning combination. "Sweet Potato Cheese Bread" has an aromatic toasted crust. Chunks of premium Tai-Non No. 57 and mashed Tai-Non No. 66 sweet potatoes are then thoroughly kneaded with Samsø cheese from Denmark to create a perfectly balanced filling with just the right balance of sweetness and savoriness.

For Economy Class, China Airlines will serve the "Butter Bread" and "Black Rice Bread". "Butter Bread" is made with Denmark's champion butter brand Lurpak. The small, round and unassuming buns do not need to be reheated and will melt in the mouth, releasing a refreshing, milky flavor. To create "Black Rice Bread", black rice is cooked until it becomes a sauce and is added to dough made with flour from Kumamoto, Japan. Glutinous rice enhances the bread's ability to hold moisture giving it a cloud-like fluffy texture 30,000 feet in the sky.

The China Airlines and Yao-hsun Chen partnership will feature four types of bread. "Strawberry Bread" is the mini version of Chen's signature championship-winning product now sold in stores. The other three types were developed by Chen exclusively for China Airlines based on the in-flight environment and conditions and can only be tasted on China Airlines flights.

Yao-hsun Chen, master baker and a past champion of Mondial du Pain, has continued to develop and release new popular baked goods. His emphasis on natural, healthy ingredients dovetails with the China Airlines philosophy of hospitality, use of local ingredients, and long-term commitment to environmental sustainability. The two parties collaborated to develop in-flight bread with enhanced taste that incorporate local Taiwanese flavors with common elements in the global palate. The meeting of classics and innovation will allow travelers to enjoy the China Airlines commitment to boutique catering and allow more people to savor exclusive bread designs from a world champion.

China Airlines Sky Lounge Brings Together Regional Snacks from Taiwan

China Airlines is featuring specialty products and regional snacks from small farmers during the Sky Lounge service on long-haul routes flown by 777-300ER and A350-900 passenger aircraft. The focus on supporting small farmers highlights the airline’s focus on corporate environmental sustainability. This month's handpicked selection includes "Herb Red Quinoa Chunky Bar” by Gaea Farm from Hualien,"Brown Sugar Sesame Roll” by Sun Hope Veg from Yilan, "Dried Honey Orange by Chiayum", "Dried Tofu by Fu Che", as well as "Rusk” by Red Sakura from Dajia, Taichung. China Airlines ventured deep into every part of Taiwan to bring together specialty products that represent rich cultural traditions, from each region, offering travelers a more diverse selection of delicious flavors to enjoy.

“Continued implementation of ESG to create sustainable corporate competitiveness” has been embraced by China Airlines as its core for sustainable development. The success of sustainability practices has received extensive domestic and international recognition including strong performances at the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” for ten consecutive years. This year, the airline surpassed itself by winning its first-ever “The Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top Ten Domestic Companies Award” and was ranked as the top-performing airline in the world by the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook.